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S. No. Guideline ID Subject of Guidelines: OM No. OM Date Detail
91 GL-92215 Reservation Policy for the Scheduled Cast- implementation of. OM No. 36036/2/97-Estt. (Res.) 30/11/1998 Download (15.08 KB) PDF
92 GL-92193 Time Limit For Board Level Appointees To Joining Posts In PSUs. DPE O.M. No. 18(21)/98-GM 08/12/1998 Download (60.33 KB) pdf
93 GL-92168 Improving Vigilance Administration. (DPE OM No.15/11/98-GL-012/ DPE (GM) 22/12/1998 Download (222.57 KB) pdf
94 GL-92183 Review Of Performance Of Board Level Appointees At The End Of The First Year. DPE O.M. No. 18(23)/98-GM 28/12/1998 Download (130.69 KB) pdf
95 GL-92303 Policy for the Sixth Round for Wage Negotiations in Public Sector Enterprises. DPE O.M No.2(11)/96-DPE(WC) 14/01/1999 Download (182.61 KB) pdf
96 GL-92304 Pay Revision of the Central Public Sector employees following CDA pattern in 69 PSEs Revision of rates of Island Special Allowance etc. DPE O.M No. 2(42)/97-DPE(WC) 02/02/1999 Download (289.67 KB) pdf
97 GL-92194 Cut-Off Age For Board Level Appointments In Central Public Sector Enterprises. DPE O.M. No. 18/6/98-DPE(GM) 03/02/1999 Download (66.29 KB) pdf
98 GL-92187 Appointment Of Non-Official Part-Time Directors On The Boards Of Public Sector Undertakings. DPE O.M. No.18(4)/99-GM 15/02/1999 Download (134.72 KB) pdf
99 GL-92305 Pay Revision of the Central Public Sector employees following CDA pattern in 69 PSEs Clarification on revised pay scales contained in Part B of the First Schedule of the CCS (RP) Rules, 1997 as notified vide Notification dated 30th September, 1997 of DPE O.M No. 2(42)/97-DPE(WC) 12/03/1999 Download (182.69 KB) pdf
100 GL-92910 Exclusive use of staff car by board level executives-consolidation of instructions. DPE OM No.2(53)/90-DPE(WC)-GIV dated 26th March, 1999 26/03/1999 Download (192.65 KB) pdf
101 GL-92499 Holding Annual General Meeting and filling annual Accounts with the Registrar of Companies-strict compliance of provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 regarding. DPE OM No.13/9/99-Fin. G-VI 21/04/1999 Download (116.15 KB) pdf
102 GL-92529 Board level posts and below board level posts including non-unionised supervisors in Public Enterprises - Revision of scales of pay w.e.f. 1.1.1997. [DPE O.M No. 2(49)/98-DPE(WC) 25/06/1999 Download (255.06 KB) pdf
103 GL-92216 Reservation for persons with disabilities in group A B C & D identified posts/services- Revised Procedure for filling up of the vacancies. OM No.6/21/95-DPE (SC/ST Cell) 27/07/1999 Download (26.91 KB) PDF
104 GL-93064 Pay Revision of the Central Public Sector employees following CDA pattern in 69 PSEs - Revision of rates of Island Special Allowance etc. DPE OM No. 2(42)/97-DPE(WC)-G.XII dated 13th August, 1999 13/08/1999 Download (209.55 KB) pdf
105 GL-92911 Tours abroad by incumbents of top posts and all Board level executives in Public Enterprises DPE OM No.2(41)/93-DPE(WC) G-XI dated 13th August, 1999 13/08/1999 Download (180.26 KB) pdf
106 GL-92291 Follow up action on the Reports of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (Commercial) DPE OM No.4(6)/99-Fin.-GL-X 19/08/1999 Download (193.39 KB) pdf
107 GL-92307 Incentive for promoting Small Family norms among public sector employees following CDA pattern in 69 PSEs. DPE O.M. No. 2(42)/97-DPE(WC)-G-XIII 20/09/1999 Download (183.56 KB) pdf
108 GL-92217 Furnishing of a Certificate to the Recruiting Agencies while making recruitment to the posts identified as suitable for being manned by Persons with disabilities ensuring that the provisions of the Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protecti OM NO. 6/5/99-DPE (SC/ST Cell) 21/10/1999 Download (27.67 KB) PDF
109 GL-92256 Guidelines for investment of surplus funds by Public Sector Enterprises DPE O.M. No.DPE/4(6)/94-Fin.G-XVII 25/11/1999 Download (83.21 KB) pdf
110 GL-92218 Posting of Govt. employees who have children with hearing impairment or multiple disabilities OM No. 43019/28/86-Estt. (D) 18/02/2000 Download (19.09 KB) PDF
111 GL-92219 Clarification as to whether percent reservation for persons with disabilities would be with refrence to identified posts only or to the total sanctioned strength in the cadre. OM No. 6/21/95-DPE (SC/ST Cell) 04/04/2000 Download (30.2 KB) PDF
112 GL-92220 Reservation for the Physically handicapped in the posts filled by promotion. OM NO. 6/21/95-DPE (SC/ST Cell) 11/04/2000 Download (21.47 KB) PDF
113 GL-92957 Introduction of a revised Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS). DPE OM No. 2(32)/97-DPE(WC)/GL-XXII dated 5th May, 2000 05/05/2000 Download (50.77 KB) PDF
114 GL-92169 Strengthening of Vigilance Machinery in Public Sector Undertakings And Grant of Incentives To Chief Vigilance Officers. (D.O. No.15(3)/2000/GL-024/DPE(GM) 22/05/2000 Download (163.76 KB) pdf
115 GL-92693 Deputation of government officers To Central Public Enterprises-Review of policy. DPE OM No. 18(4)/98-GM-GL-26 dated 26th June, 2000 26/06/2000 Download (125.81 KB) pdf
116 GL-92221 Treatment of Backlog vacancies reserverd for SCs & STs as a distincit group & non-applicability of 50 precent ceiling thereon. OM No. 6/20/97-DPE (SC/ST Cell) 27/07/2000 Download (31.89 KB) PDF
117 GL-92222 Non-Implementation of the instructions issued by DoPT relating to reservation for Person with disabilities by Public Sector Undertaking Banks etc. and formulation of Action Plan for filling up of Backlog vacancies. OM No. 6/21/95-DPE (SC/ST Cell) 11/09/2000 Download (34.2 KB) PDF
118 GL-92912 Clarification on 5 percent of the distributed profit. DPE OM No.2(49)-98- DPE(WC)GL-XXIX dated 12th September 2000 12/09/2000 Download (101.11 KB) pdf
119 GL-92223 Reservation in Promotion-Prescription of lower qualifying marks/lesser standered of evaluation . OM No. 6/4/98-DPE (SC/ST Cell) 11/10/2000 Download (28.56 KB) PDF
120 GL-92224 Implementation of reservation in Services under Person With Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act. 1995 in PSUs OM No. 6/21/95-DPE (SC/ST Cell) 23/11/2000 Download (27.25 KB) PDF


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