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DPE Guidelines

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Chapter - I Corporate Governance View List
Chapter - II Personnel Policies  
a. Service Matters View List
b. Conduct Discipline and Appeal Rules View List
c. Vigilance Policies View List
d. Restrictions On Post Retirement Employment View List
e. Creation Of Board Level Posts In CPSEs View List
f. Categorization Of CPSEs View List
g. Composition Of Board Of CPSEs View List
h. Matters Relating To Boards Of Directors View List
i. Job Description Of Board Level Posts View List
j.Non-Official Directors View List
k. Deputation and Lien View List
l. APAR and ACR Matters View List
m. Reservation Policies View List
Chapter - III Financial Policies  
a. Capital Restructuring View List
b. Investment of Surplus Funds View List
c. Revival / Restructuring and Closure View List
d. Procurement in PSUs View List
e. Foreign Investment View List
f. Austerity Measures View List
g. Travel Related View List
i. Land Related View List
j. Transportation Related View List
k. Holding of Share in Government Companies View List
l. Financial Statements/Reports View List
Chapter - IV Delegation of Powers  
a. General View List
b. Maharatna / Navratna / Miniratna View List
Chapter - V Wage Policies  
a. Pay Revision / HPPC Recommendations View List
b. Dearness Allowance/Interim Relief View List
c. Allowances and Perquisites View List
d. Others View List
Chapter - VI Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) View List
Chapter - VII Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) View List
Chapter - VIII Disinvestment Division Guidelines View List
Chapter - IX Miscellaneous  
a. Administrative Mechanism for Resolution of CPSEs Disputes (AMRCD) View List
b. Voluntary Retirement Scheme(VRS) View List
c. Parliament Matters View List
d. Security Issues View List
e. Women Related Issues View List
f. Matter Concerning Disable View List
g. Others View List
h. Covid-19 View List
i. Implementation of DPE Guidelines View List
Annexure Annexure-I  
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