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Counselling, Retraining ,Redeployment of Rationalised Employees of CPSEs.

The objective and scope of the scheme is to provide opportunities of Counselling, retraining and redeployment to the rationalized employees of CPSEs rendered redundant as a result of modernsation, technology up gradation and manpower restructuring in the Central PSEs.

The aim of retraining of the employees is to reorient them through short duration training programmes to enable them to adjust to the new environment and adopt new avocations after their separation from the CPSEs due to VRS/VSS. The Counselling and training programmes will accordingly be planned in order to equip them with skills and orientation to engage themselves in self-employment activities and rejoin the productive process even after their separation from the CPSEs.

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Guidelines on Counselling, Retraining & Redeployment (CRR) Scheme (2019-20) Download (840.78 KB)pdf
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