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Categorization Of CPSEs

SI. No. Guideline ID Subject OM No OM Date Documents / Details
1 GL-94565 Simplification of the process for upgradation of the existing categorization of CPSEs. PD-1-08/002/2023-DPE 20/05/2024 Download (651.57 KB) pdf
2 GL-94428 Categorization of new CPSEs and CPSEs created for asset management of disinvested CPSEs. PD-1-08/0002/2023-DPE 11/12/2023 Download (778.83 KB) pdf
3 GL-92427 Personal pay upgradation of Board level incumbents of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) consequent to upgradation of schedule of CPSEs DPE OM No. 9(10)/99-GM) 25/04/2014 Download (1.31 MB) pdf
4 GL-92426 Criteria/parameters for initial categorization of Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs). DPE OM No.9(17)/2011-GM 30/11/2011 Download (1.31 MB) pdf
5 GL-92425 Operation/revival of Board level posts In CPSEs after deemed abolition. DPE OM No. 18(13)/2005-GM-GL-74 21/10/2005 Download (64.65 KB) pdf
6 GL-92424 Policy regarding date of upgradation of pay scales of board level executives of PSUs consequent upon the upgradation of the PSU. DPE O.M. No. 9(10)/92-GM-GL-51 18/12/2003 Download (57.47 KB) pdf
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