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E.g., 07/22/2024
E.g., 07/22/2024
S. No. Guideline ID Subject of Guidelines: OM No. OM Date Detail
451 GL-92971 Closing of offices and industrial establishments on the death of high dignitaries. BPE No. 2(22)/77-BPE(GM-I) dated 6th December, 1979 06/12/1979 Download (145.77 KB) pdf
452 GL-92694 Absorption of ex-servicemen trained under the on the job training Scheme relaxation of minimum educational qualification OM No. 39016/7/78. Estt. (C) dated 10th/19th May, 1979 19/05/1979 Download (47.93 KB) pdf
453 GL-92164 Sanction For Prosecution of A Public Servant. (BPE DO No. 2(3)/79-BPE(GM-I) 06/03/1979 Download (85.01 KB) pdf
454 GL-92174 Guidelines On Top Posts In Public Enterprises. BPE O.M. No. 5(24)/77-BPE(PESB) 19/09/1978 Download (132.48 KB) pdf
455 GL-92163 Timely Action To Be Taken To File An Appeal in The High Court/Supreme Court Against The Decision of The Central Government Industrial Tribunal-Cum-Labour Court Etc. (No. BPE/GL-008/78/MAM/2(31)/78-BPE(GM-I) 22/04/1978 Download (83.48 KB) pdf
456 GL-92173 Guidelines On Top Posts In Public Enterprises. BPE O.M. No. 5(24)/77-BPE (PESB) 08/02/1978 Download (130.14 KB) pdf
457 GL-92162 Issue of Eligibility Certificate In Respect of Non-Indians Considered Eligible for Appointment under Public Sector Enterprises. No. BPE/GL-007/77/MAN/2(3)/77-BPE (GM-I) 14/02/1977 Download (158.09 KB) pdf
458 GL-92172 Policy Regarding Transfers In Top Posts In The Public Sector Enterprises. No.BPE/GL-26/75/MAN/5(37)/75-BPE (PESB) 17/09/1975 Download (83.04 KB) pdf
459 GL-92171 Abolition Of Top Posts. No. 5(30)/75-BPE (PESB 27/05/1975 Download (78.06 KB) pdf
460 GL-92655 Presentation of Gifts To Members of Parliamentary Committees. BPE OM No. 2(76)/73-BPE(GM-I) dated 7th December, 1973) 07/12/1973 Download (130.02 KB) pdf
461 GL-92160 Appointment of Non-Indian Personnel To Posts in Public Enterprises. (BPE No. 9(100)/71-BPE(GM-I) 23/10/1972 Download (89.17 KB) pdf
462 GL-92654 Admissibility of Questions relating to Public Enterprises in Parliament. BPE No. 2(35)/68-BPE(GM) dated 4th June, 1969 04/06/1969 Download (33.27 KB) pdf


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