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Allocation of work among the officers of DPE

S. No. Name of the Division Name of the Officers (Shri/Smt/Ms) Nature of work
1 MoU Division
  1. Pawan Kumar, Principal Advisor
  2. Amit Rastogi, Director
  3. Shankar Lal, Deputy Director
  4. Arun Kumar, Sr. Statistical Officer

All matters related to:

  1. Monitoring of Capital expenditure of select CPSEs and its updation on PMO portal;
  2. Performance evaluation of CPSEs under MoU mechanism including coordination with various Ministries/departments;
  3. All HPC Committee Meetings and modifications/changes in MoU Guidelines, and
  4. Online portal of MoU Mechanism;
  5. Audit of MoU process (CAG and internal audit);
  6. Corporate Governance guidelines and compilation of compliance reports of CPSEs.
2 Policy Division - I
  1. S.K. Jain, Joint Secretary
  2. Pavenash Kr. Sharma, Director
  3. Rajesh Puri, Deputy Director
  4. Kranti Kumar, Assistant Director

All matters related to:

  1. Ratna Scheme of CPSEs and all references related to it delegation of powers to CPSEs;
  2. Categorization of CPSEs;
  3. Matters relating to Board of Directors of CPSEs creation/abolition /re-designation of Board level posts;
  4. Creation of posts below board level;
  5. Matters relating to exemption from rule of immediate absorption in CPSEs;
  6. Databank of IDs and proposals for selection and appointment of IDs on the Boards of CPSEs;
  7. Training/Orientation of NoDs and BoDs;
  8. Annual performance appraisal of Board functionaries of CPSEs (CPSE SPPAROW);
  9. SCOPE, ICPE & PESB matters.
3 Policy Division - II
  1. Animesh Bharti, Economic Advisor
  2. Dr. Nitin Agarwal, Joint Director
  3. Kailash Bhandari, Deputy Director

All matters related to:

  1. MSME Procurement under Public Procurement 2012 policy and GeM procurement by CPSEs;
  2. Extension of Ministry of Finance guidelines on purchase preference policy, Atamnirbhar Bharat Programme etc.;
  3. Comments on proposal of COS/ECOS/PIB/SFC/EFC Policy and cabinet meetings other than those related to disinvestment;
  4. Formulation or modification of guidelines of CRR and RDC schemes and Conduction & Coordination of trainings under the schemes;
  5. Selection of training partners/topics and financial approval for various trainings;
  6. Engagement of Interns, Programmers under RDC & CRR for OTNS related work;
  7. CSR spending and policy framework thereto.
4 Wage Cell
  1. Animesh Bharti, Economic Advisor
  2. Samsul Haque, Deputy Secretary
  3. Naresh Kumar, Under Secretary
  4. Sanjoy Roy, Sr. Statistical Officer

All matters related to:

  1. Pay revision of board level executives, below board level executives and non-unionized supervisors & proposals relating to wage settlements of unionized employees;
  2. Quarterly DA orders for IDA and CDA pay-scale Employees of CPSEs;
  3. Correspondence including court cases on wage policy matters (fixation of pay/HRA/CCA/gratuity etc.) from individuals/unions/associations/CPSEs/Administrative Ministries / Departments etc.;
  4. Cabinet/CCEA Note on wage revision and other subjects of wage cell.
5 Survey Division
  1. Mahender Kumar Ujjainia, Deputy Director General
  2. Sujoy Mitra, Joint Director
  3. Anup Prasad, Sr. Statistical Officer

All matters related to Survey division (As per OM No. 42011/39/2015-Admin dated 3.1.2023) such as:

  1. Collection and scrutiny of data of CPSEs for PE Survey from Ministries/Departments;
  2. Updating Online application for PE Survey on DPE website;
  3. Coordination with Ministries/departments/CPSEs for work related to PE Survey;
  4. Preparation and printing of PE Survey Report;
  5. Laying of PE Survey and CAG Report (Commercial) in Parliament;
  6. Review/Compilation / Publication of DPE Guidelines in coordination with all other divisions and updation on DPE website.
6 Disinvestment Division
  1. S.K, Jain, Joint Secretary
  2. Amit Rastogi, Director
  3. Bharti Sahai, Joint Director
  4. Samba Siva Rao, Deputy Director
  5. Robin Koppuravari, Deputy Director
  6. Arvind Kumar, Deputy Director
  7. Anupama Sharma, Assistant Director

All matters related to:

  1. Revival and Restructuring/ Closure/Sale/privatization of CPSEs in non-strategic sectors;
  2. Formation of new CPSEs/JVs, etc.;
  3. Matters pertaining to Asset monetization and Special Purpose Vehicle for Land Monetization;
  4. Capital restructuring, investment of surplus funds and other similar references in coordination with DIPAM;
  5. Matters relating to CGD/IMG meetings on strategic and minority disinvestment Cabinet/CCEA/COS Notes on above subjects.
7 Administration & Coordination Division and General Management
  1. Lucas L Kamsuan, Joint Secretary
  2. Muni Ram Meena, Deputy Secretary
  3. Naresh Kumar, Under Secretary(Parl. & Coord.)
  4. Nitin Kumar, Under Secretary (Admin.)
  5. Neeraj Verma, Assistant Director(Gen. Management)
  6. Ishwar Sendre, DDO
  7. Satish Kumar, Parliament Assistant

All matters related to Administration:

  1. Establishment matters of officers and staff of DPE including appointment, joining time, creation/abolition of posts, framing and amendment of recruitment rules, extension of officers under CSS, service book updation and other miscellaneous matters.
  2. Processing of proposals of postings & transfers / deputation of officers for training within the country and abroad;
  3. Compensation and Benefits related matters such as fixation of pay, annual increment, GPF advance and withdrawals, conveyance allowances, LTC/ TA advance, loans and advances, grant of honorarium, etc.;
  4. Other miscellaneous employee-related matters such as sanction of leave, maintenance of service records, issue of retirement orders, etc.;
  5. Vigilance matters including complaints and disciplinary cases of DPE;
  6. Expenditure on conferences, entertainment, contingency, office supplies, etc.;
  7. Procurement for the Department for running office;
  8. Maintenance of GPF accounts and issue of annual GPF slips; calculation of income tax and issue of IT certificates;
  9. Disbursement of payments, reconciliation of accounts;
  10. Budget proposals, notes on demand for grants, coordination and consolidation of BE, RE and supplementary demands;
  11. Periodical reports and returns including e-Samiksha, monthly DO and miscellaneous works of DPE;
  12. All Parliamentary work of DPE including matters related to the Parliamentary committees;
  13. All matters requiring coordination of all divisions;
  14. Work relating to IT Cell, DPE (As per OM No A-42011/38/2021-Admin dated 27.1.22);
  15. All Matters related to Sectoral Group of Secretaries;
  16. AKAM, Swachhta, Mission Recruitment, Training needs of DPE in consultation with CBC & Karamyogi Bharat.
    All matter related to General Management(matters being dealt by erstwhile GM section);
  1. Model CDA Rules, CVC guidelines and complaints against board and below board level executives;
  2. Submission of periodical reports of CPSEs in respect of issues like FR 56(j)/ Training/Apprenticeship etc. to the concerned Ministries/ Departments;
  3. Matter relating to AMRCD;
  4. Employment and Reservations in CPSEs;
  5. References from Ministries/ Departments / Agencies on the DPE guidelines on above subjects.
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