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E.g., 06/29/2020
E.g., 06/29/2020
SI. No. Subject: Guideline Status OM No: OM Date:sort ascending Detail
691 Deputation of government officers to Central Public Enterprises-Review of policy. Archived No. 5(25)/83-BPE (PESB) dated 6th March, 1985 06/03/1985 Download (127.58 KB) pdf
692 Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rules-regarding Merged DPE OM No. 15(1)/85-BPE(GM) dated 7th February, 1985 07/02/1985 Download (164.21 KB) pdf
693 EARC Report On Government And Public Enterprises: Top Management And The Boards-Recommendation Regarding Three Years Term With Rotational Retirement For Part-Time Non-Official Directors Archived BPE O.M. No. 18(6)/84-GM 03/01/1985 Download (168.42 KB) pdf
694 Organization/Functioning of the Boards of Public Sector Enterprises-Decisions of the Government on the recommendations of the Economic Administration Reforms Commission Report on "Government and Public Enterprises-Top Management and the Boards Running BPE O.M. No. 18/1/84-GM 19/09/1984 Download (77.97 KB) pdf
695 CCS (CC&A) Rules 1965-Rule 14(8)(A)-Request of a delinquent official for permission to engage a Legal Practitioner to defend his case before the Inquiry Officer. Running BPE No. 15(34)/84-BPE(GM 21/08/1984 Download (144.68 KB) pdf
696 New enterprises should be on Industrial DA pattern. Running DPE O.M. No. 2(145)/72-BPE(WC 31/07/1984 Download (178.45 KB) pdf
697 Restriction on political activities of employees of PSUs. Merged BPE D.O. No. 15(7)/83-GM dated 21st July, 1984 21/07/1984 Download (87.88 KB) pdf
698 Issue of Bank guarantee in respect of advances paid by the Central Government Department to the State level Enterprises clarification Archived DPE No. BPE/19(2)/Adv.(F)/83 02/07/1984 Download (180.87 KB) pdf
699 Verification of Character and Antecedents of Persons belonging to Nepal. Archived (BPE O.M. No. 15/8/83-GM 18/02/1984 Download (148.04 KB) pdf
700 Discipline and Appeal Rules Merged BPE No. 15/4/84-BPE(GM) dated 3rd February, 1984 03/02/1984 Download (81.98 KB) pdf
701 Appointment Of Persons Designated As Special Directors, Executive Directors. Archived BPE No. 18/5/83-BPE(GM-II) 15/11/1983 Download (83.01 KB) pdf
702 Responsibilities Of Part-Time Chairman In PSEs. Archived BPE D.O. No 18(2)/82-GM-II 18/12/1982 Download (134.74 KB) pdf
703 Appointment Of Part-Time Chairmen Of Public Enterprises. Archived BPE O.M. No. 18(3)/82-GM.II 26/11/1982 Download (82.35 KB) pdf
704 Composition of Board of Directors of Public Enterprises. Running BPE O.M. No. 2 (9) /80-BPE (GM) 20/04/1982 Download (82.98 KB) pdf
705 Recruitment of Staff against vacancies reserved for Ex-Servicemen through Zila Sainik Board / Directorate General Resettlement. Archived OM No. 6/55/79- BPE (GM -I) 17/12/1981 Download (62.59 KB) PDF
706 Reservation of posts in Public Enetrprises for Ex-servicemen and Dependents of those killed in Action Archived OM NO. 6/8/1981-BPE (GM- I) 27/06/1981 Download (13.1 KB) PDF
707 Reservation of posts in Public Enetrprises for Ex-servicemen and Dependents of those killed in Action Archived OM No. 6/55/79. BPE (GM -I) 13/03/1980 Download (21.85 KB) PDF
708 Reservation of posts in Public Enetrprises for Ex- servicemen and Dependents of those killed in Action. Archived OM No 6/55/79- BPE (GM-I) 22/01/1980 Download (64.33 KB) PDF
709 Closing of offices and industrial establishments on the death of high dignitaries. Archived BPE No. 2(22)/77-BPE(GM-I) dated 6th December, 1979 06/12/1979 Download (145.77 KB) pdf
710 Absorption of ex-servicemen trained under the on the job training Scheme relaxation of minimum educational qualification Archived OM No. 39016/7/78. Estt. (C) dated 10th/19th May, 1979 19/05/1979 Download (47.93 KB) pdf
711 Sanction For Prosecution of A Public Servant. Archived (BPE DO No. 2(3)/79-BPE(GM-I) 06/03/1979 Download (85.01 KB) pdf
712 Guidelines On Top Posts In Public Enterprises. Archived BPE O.M. No. 5(24)/77-BPE(PESB) 19/09/1978 Download (132.48 KB) pdf
713 Nomination of Central Government officials to represent the President of India at Annual General Meeting of Public Enterprises. Running BPE/GL-027/78/MAN/2(52)/78-BPE(GM-I) 26/08/1978 Download (84.51 KB) pdf
714 Timely Action To Be Taken To File An Appeal in The High Court/Supreme Court Against The Decision of The Central Government Industrial Tribunal-Cum-Labour Court Etc. Archived (No. BPE/GL-008/78/MAM/2(31)/78-BPE(GM-I) 22/04/1978 Download (83.48 KB) pdf
715 Guidelines On Top Posts In Public Enterprises. Archived BPE O.M. No. 5(24)/77-BPE (PESB) 08/02/1978 Download (130.14 KB) pdf
716 Issue of Eligibility Certificate In Respect of Non-Indians Considered Eligible for Appointment under Public Sector Enterprises. Archived No. BPE/GL-007/77/MAN/2(3)/77-BPE (GM-I) 14/02/1977 Download (158.09 KB) pdf
717 Policy Regarding Transfers In Top Posts In The Public Sector Enterprises. Archived No.BPE/GL-26/75/MAN/5(37)/75-BPE (PESB) 17/09/1975 Download (83.04 KB) pdf
718 Abolition Of Top Posts. Archived No. 5(30)/75-BPE (PESB 27/05/1975 Download (78.06 KB) pdf
719 Inclusion of State Government representatives on the Boards of Directors of Public Enterprises. Running BPE O.M. No. 2(4)/75-BPE(GM-I 22/05/1975 Download (63.54 KB) pdf
720 Report of the Working Group to frame Model Conduct, discipline and Appeal Rules for Public Undertakings Merged BPE No. 2(121)/73-BPE (GM-I) dated 26th April, 1974 26/04/1974 Download (214.57 KB) pdf