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RTI Applications/First Appeal-Replies

RTI Applications/First Appeal-Replies
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Respected Sir,
Department of Public Enterprises Rules and Regulation for Person with Disability for safety environment was not followed in SAIL my case.

With reference to Letter received from The Prime Minister of India Grievance cell and Minister of Social justice.

I have asked RTI Grievance to SAIL,but the terminated My service from SAIL.I need grievance for the below RTI.Please Find the attachment.
I have sent hard copy to the Minister (HI & PE) and MoS (HI & PE) the Public Enterprises Bhawan. Please find the attachment.
Department of public Enterprises rules and regulation was not followed in Under Public Enterprises SAIL (Steel Authority of India).Please take necessary action.
I have send grievance to Interact with Prime Minister of India through portal and I have received replied letter from Prime Minister Office Grievance cell, Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities-Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and mentioned like your grievance were received and necessary action shall be take.
My name is UMAPATHI.M (SAIL Staff No.818106) got selected in SAIL Management Trainee 2013 batch for Computer Science branch. My induction training has been completed in BSL bokaro Steel Plant (Jharkhand). I have faced health and safety problem in HSM (operation) Bokaro Plant in my case. I belong to the place SALEM.
I am a Person with Disability (Loco motor Disability)(50%) candidate.I was joined there on 28th Feb2014 there I got my working area as HSM (Hot Strip Mill- Operation) but I was belongs to Computer Science branch. While they gave me a working area has HSM(Hot Strip Mill)Operation Department for which I was totally unfit a Computer Science Engineer and as Person with Disability candidate.
I have informed this matter to higher authority in bokaro steel plant but they not paid any attention to my problem.HSM Operation Was not suitable job for my physical body condition but no action taken from bokaro steel plant.
I was completely not in position to conduct my duty in all respect either it is technical and my Physical body condition. I have requested to bokaro steel plant higher authorities to concern this problem but they have not paid any attention to my request.
In Bokaro Steel plant in my case assigned post was Hot Strip Mill (Operation) is not list of public Sector posts which were identified for persons with disabilities candidate not followed in my case in Bokaro Steel Plant. Please take necessary action. Regarding above information I was raised grievance to Office of the Chief Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.
Identification of posts which can be reserved for persons with disabilities (PROTECTION OF RIGHTS AND FULL PARTICIPATION ACT, 1995) identified post for Disabled candidates are not taken within the working environment for Person with Disability candidate in bokaro steel plant (HSM-Operation) in my case.

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The CAPIO please provide certified copies via email on drcvrathore[at]gmail[dot]com
1.department planning to implement e-prescriptions in all hospitals of central government and central PSU, PSE, PSB, FIs etc./
2.department planning to implement compulsory computerised record keeping as per drug and cosmetics act by all pharmacy stores/

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Please provide information on the open recruitment ANDdirect appointment in Security IN Non CISF CPSE and PSU GOVERNED BY DPE guidelines till date through news paper advertisement.
Provide the list of vacant post and unfilled post in the Security Department against the reservation quota of Ex Servicemen.in non CISF plants governed by DPE guidelines
Provide the TOTAL NUMBER list of existing Security Supervisors serving as non executives on permanent basis in the Security Department of SAIL it non CISF plant of SAIL PSU
Provide number of vacant post available for ex serviceman or unfilled post for ex serviceman in the Executive and non executive cadre of the Security Department of the all PSUs and CPSE governed by DPEguidelines .
Provide the list of vacancies likely to be available in near future for Ex Servicemen under the reservation quota in the Security wing of Govt CPSE and PSUs governed by DPE guidelines

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