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RTI Applications/First Appeal-Replies

RTI Applications/First Appeal-Replies
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Dear Sir,

Please provide me the workman promotion policy.

Sir, if person who working as a workman in center PSUs and during his employment he obtained profession qualification like CA/ICWA, shall he be promoted from workman to Executive on same organization on the basis of qualification.
If there is a policy than at what duration he may be promoted.


Dheer Singh

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Reply to your RTI is attached.


The STC is Persecuting Me to No End by Subjecting Me to Various Mental Traumas for the Last 25 Years
Where am I Empowered under RTI. It is Clear MOCKERY. Neither STC nor Department of Commerce is furnishing information. THIS Pertains to my LIFE and LIBERTY. Why scared of furnishing facts. Every CPIO is public servant destined to serve citizens irrespective of domain under Collective Responsibility in Democratic Republic. Otherwise it looks like Police refusing registering victims FIRs sighting jurisdiction.

Despite of clarifications from heads of government, HRD ministry and former chief justice of Delhi high court and DESPITE OF MY SINCERE EFFORTS, I am not getting my required information.

Delivering his 10th Independence Day speech from the ramparts of the historic 17th-century built Red Fort, Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on Thursday said: Through the RTI Act, the common man now gets more information than ever before about the work of the government. This legislation is being used on a large scale at all levels. The Act frequently brings to light irregularities and corruption and opens the door for improvements, said Dr. Singh. I am sure that the RTI will lead to further improvements in the way the government functions, he added. ANI Thu 15 Aug, 2013.

The basic aim of the RTI act is to empower the citizens, promote transparency and accountability in the working of government, contain corruption and make our democracy work. - says Ministry of human resource development in a letter to the CIC. TOI 31.08.2012

Justice Ajit Prakash Shah, former chief justice of the Delhi high court says Perhaps the biggest contribution of our Parliament towards promoting greater accountability in independent India is the enactment of the Right to Information (RTI) ACT, 2005. If, as they say, information is power, then the RTI Act has been a veritable Brahmastra in the hands of the Indian public

RTI is a powerful tool that serves to bridge the democratic deficit created by increasing inequality and differences in access to opportunities. Countless Indians are now able to check the status of their ration cards, BPL cards, passports, application for public schemes etc. The RTI has made the state machinery more accessible and easier to manage, especially for the poor and vulnerable sections of society. TOI 27.10.2012

Minister of State Dr. JITENDRA SINGH Replied in Rajya Sabha on 07.08.2014 saying probation should not be extended for more than a year. I was kept on probation for eleven years.

CPIOs apply different yardsticks to information seekers. I get reply CPIO saying, RTI is meant for furnishing already existing information and not meant for creating information. But Home Ministry replied to RTI activist S.C. Agrawal saying, the matter is under examination, when he filed RTI to know status of his complaint. Does this reply come under creating information or already existing information

Information sought to attach PDF.

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Reply to your RTI is attached. Reply is also being sent through post.

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