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E.g., 04/11/2021
E.g., 04/11/2021
SI. No. Subject of Guideline Status OM No OM Date Detail
A-367 Guidelines for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CPSE and Government Department/Ministry for the year 2012-13. Archived DPE OM No.3(11)/2011-DPE(MoU) dated 31st October, 2011 31/10/2011 Download (1.71 MB) pdf
A-366 Guidelines for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between CPSE and Government Department /Ministry for the year 2011-12. Archived DPE OM No.3(9)/2010-DPE(MoU) dated 30th November, 2010 30/11/2010 Download (1.98 MB) pdf
A-365 Evaluation procedure of MoU performance for the year 2006-07 onwards - MoU Excellence Awards to CPSEs on the basis of Shri N.K. Sinha Committee Report. Archived DPE OM No. 3(13)/2006-DPE(MOU) dated 20th August, 2007 20/08/2007 Download (156.19 KB) pdf
A-364 Guidelines for drafting of MOUs for the year 2006-07. Archived DPE OM No.3(8)/2005-DPE(MoU) dated 25th October,2005 25/10/2005 Download (231.83 KB) pdf
A-363 Guidelines for MoU for the year 2005-06 Archived DPE OM. No. 3(4)/2004-DPE(MoU) dated 7th January, 2005 07/01/2005 Download (159.6 KB) pdf
A-362 Delegation of Powers to the MOU Signing PSEs. Archived DPE OM No. No.9(8)/96-DPE(MoU) dated 18th April,1996 18/04/1996 Download (91.61 KB) pdf
A-361 Delegation of powers to Public Sector Undertakings signing Memorandum of Understanding with the Government Archived DPE OM No. 2(36)/86-DPE(WC) dated 4th March, 1994 04/03/1994 Download (107.37 KB) pdf
A-360 Delegation of powers to public sector undertakings signing MOU with the Government. Archived DPE OM No. 18(13)/93-GM dated 10th January,1994 10/01/1994 Download (94.99 KB) pdf
A-359 Delegation of enhanced powers to Board of Directors of MOU signing Public Sector Enterprises to incur capital expenditure. Archived DPE OM No.1(18)/86-DPE(MoU) dated 29th August, 1990 29/08/1990 Download (97.14 KB) pdf
A-358 Delegation of Powers to Public Sector Undertakings Signing Memorandam of Understanding with the Government Archived DPE OM No.BPE1(18)/88-Fin.(PPU) dated 19th October, 1988 19/10/1988 Download (108.12 KB) pdf
A-357 Payment of wages under the Minimum Wages Act to contract/casual workers in CPSEs. Archived DPE OM No. 2(4)/2013-DPE-(WC) GL-VII/13 dated 21st February, 2013 21/02/2013 Download (401.87 KB) pdf
A-356 Purchase, use, entitlement and other instructions regarding Staff Car in (CPSEs)-Reg. Archived DPE OM No. 2(23)/11-DPE(WC)-GL-V/13 dated 21st January, 2013 21/01/2013 Download (1.52 MB) pdf
A-355 Payment of Performance- related pay (PRP) to executives of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs). Archived DPE OM No. 2(68)/11-DPE(WC) dated 31st December, 2012 31/12/2012 Download (689.89 KB) pdf
A-354 Issue of consideration of Stagnation Increment for the purpose of national increment at the time of promotion. Archived DPE OM No.2(36)/2012/DPE(WC) dated 26th December, 2012 26/12/2012 Download (363.02 KB) pdf
A-353 Clarification sought by Audit on encashment of sick leave Archived DPE O.M.No.2(14)/2012-DPE(WC) dated 17th July, 2012 17/07/2012 Download (91.01 KB) pdf
A-352 Foreign tours of Executives and Functional Directors of CPSEs. Archived DPE OM No.2(23)/07-DPE(WC) GL-XVI/2011 dated 20th July, 2011 20/07/2011 Download (985.2 KB) pdf
A-351 Representation Communications being received by DPE directly from various CPSEs employees of CPSEs their employees Associations Trade unions etc. Archived DPE OM No. 2(22)/11-DPE (WC) GL-IX/2011 dated 30th May, 2011 30/05/2011 Download (755.26 KB) pdf
A-350 Bunching of increments and leave encashment on pay revision w.e.f. 1.1.2007 of executives and Non-unionised Supervisors of CPSEs following IDA pattern of pay scales. Archived DPE OM No.2(41)/2010-DPE(WC)-GL-VVII/2010 dated 24th September, 2010 24/09/2010 Download (921.5 KB) pdf
A-349 Payment of Gratuity to the employees of CPSEs Archived DPE OM No.2(25)/10-DPE(WC)-GL-X/2010 dated 2nd June, 2010 02/06/2010 Download (524.03 KB) pdf
A-348 New Pension System introduced by Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority(PFRDA) Archived DPE OM No. 2(131)/09-DPE(WC) dated 16th February, 2010 16/02/2010 Download (381.21 KB) pdf
A-347 Recommendations of 2nd Pay Revision Committee (PRC) On compensation package in Sick CPSEs and CPSEs in category D having income levels of less than Rs 50 Crores; examination thereof. Archived DPE OM No.2(74)/08-DPE-(WC) dated 14th January, 2009 14/01/2009 Download (24.82 KB) pdf
A-346 Method of calculation of encashment of Earned Leave in CPSEs. Archived DPE OM No. 2(2)/85-DPE(WC)-GL -XVII/08 dated 11th December, 2008 11/12/2008 Download (753.3 KB) pdf
A-345 Receipt of monetary benefits in the form of sitting fees, bonus, share in profits, stock options etc., by the employees of CPSEs (including chief Executive and Functional Directors) and Government nominated as a part time Director on the Boards of CPSEs, Archived 2(15)/06-DPE(WC) -GL -XV/08 dated 17th November, 2008 17/11/2008 Download (925.52 KB) pdf
A-344 Recommendations of Ad-hoc Group of Experts on empowerment of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) - guidelines regarding foreign tours of Chief Executives and Functional Directors of CPSEs. Archived DPE OM No.2(23)/07-DPE (WC) GL-IX dated 24th August, 2007) 24/08/2007 Download (189.56 KB) pdf
A-343 Perquisites to part-time Directors and Government Directors in Central PSEs. Archived DPE OM No.2(20)/03-DPE (WC) dated 21st July, 2003 21/07/2003 Download (177.18 KB) pdf
A-342 Fixation of Pay of re-employed pensioners-General Policy thereof-Raising limit of exemption of pension. Archived DPE OM No.K-114/97-DPE(WC)GL dated 26th February, 2002 26/02/2002 Download (60.05 KB) pdf
A-341 Clarification on 5 percent of the distributed profit. Archived DPE OM No.2(49)-98- DPE(WC)GL-XXIX dated 12th September 2000 12/09/2000 Download (101.11 KB) pdf
A-340 Tours abroad by incumbents of top posts and all Board level executives in Public Enterprises Archived DPE OM No.2(41)/93-DPE(WC) G-XI dated 13th August, 1999 13/08/1999 Download (180.26 KB) pdf
A-339 Exclusive use of staff car by board level executives-consolidation of instructions. Archived DPE OM No.2(53)/90-DPE(WC)-GIV dated 26th March, 1999 26/03/1999 Download (192.65 KB) pdf
A-338 Death-cum-Retirement Gratuity for the employees of PSEs. Archived DPE O.M.No. 2(9)/95-DPE(WC) dated 27th July, 1998 27/07/1998 Download (179.21 KB) pdf


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